Jill Shepherd


Reiki is the Japanese word for “Universal Life Energy.” Originally this ancient, yet simple system of hands~on healing derived from Tibetan Buddhism, and was made popular by Dr. Mikao Usui.

Reiki is a form of healing based on tapping into the unseen
flow of universal energy that permeates all living things. The ability to channel this healing energy is achieved by attunement to each of the sacred Reiki symbols.

During treatment, clients lie fully clothed, whilst the practitioner's hands are placed on specific parts of the body, starting with the head. The healing energy is activated and transmitted to the client, bringing relief to a wide range of physical, mental and emotional afflictions. The client may experience sensations of warmth, and profound relaxation, some may even gain insight into the deeper causes of their problems. Reiki helps to stimulate the body's own natural healing response, and can be helpful in the treatment of acute symptoms, pain, anxiety and depression.

Results of treatment can be dramatic or more gradual,showing themselves in general improvements in health and well~being. Reiki can have lasting results only if the recipients accept their responsibility in the healing process, and take part in it. I have been practising this gentle healing art since 2001.

Karuna Reiki is an advanced system of Reiki, and was
developed by an American, William Lee Rand. In this system
of healing more Reiki symbols are used, and much stronger energies are transmitted. I qualified in Karuna Reiki in 2010.

See www.biaura.com ~ for a comprehensive outline of this healing modality. Bi~aura is a stronger, more dynamic system of healing than most, which aims to restore balance to the chakras (energy centres within the vertical midline of the body.) The client remains fully clothed, and is stood up for part of the treatment. Bringing the chakras into balance helps to promote healing. A minimum of four sessions are recommended, with further sessions for more chronic conditions.

Since completing a five day intensive training at the prestigious Clare Maxwell~Hudson School of Massage, London, in 1996, I have been able to offer face and scalp massage.