Jill Shepherd



After reading a lot about how acupuncture can aid fertility treatment, I decided to find a local therapist who might be able to help. We had found out we were unable to have children without fertility treatment, and required a sperm donor if we chose to have children. After taking 12 months to decide whether this was right for us, we went back to the Fertility Clinic and started the process. In 2009, after two failed attempts of IUI, I decided to try acupuncture ~ having found Jill's details through The British Acupuncture Council website. I consulted Jill and started treatment, and immediately felt comfortable. Everything was fully explained. I was clearly informed of the process of acupuncture, and given an idea as to how many treatments would be needed. Jill made me feel relaxed and at ease throughout this very stressful situation. Also, Jill was flexible in fitting in treatments around the IUI date.

This was my third IUI attempt, and my first treatment with acupuncture. I had weekly treatments around the IUI, and 2 weeks after the procedure I found I was pregnant! We were overjoyed with the news, but knew we had a long way to go. I continued with treatments, weekly, then fortnightly, then every 3 ~ 4 weeks, till the end of my pregnancy. It helped with nausea and reflux, and trying to avoid miscarriage. Jill is very approachable and professional, and I would always recommend her to friends and family for whatever circumstances might require treatment.

I thoroughly advocate trying acupuncture to aid fertility treatment, it just might work! We are very proud parents to a special little boy who has brought so much happiness into our lives. C.K.


We had been trying to conceive for several years but to no avail. I followed the suggestions in Zita West's book, which included trying acupuncture. Amazingly, acupuncture helped to regulate my periods, which also became less painful. Following 32 sessions I was stunned to find myself pregnant. Brilliant, I didn't have to put myself through IVF! I would recommend acupuncture to anyone, it saved us an awful lot of stress, and saved us the expense of having to do IVF. B.R.

COSMETIC ACUPUNCTURE ~ FRA (& other things!)

Jill, I thought I would drop you a line to thank you for the FRAs and other  
acupuncture treatments I have had from you, and let you know what a difference I feel they have made to my wellbeing. As you know, I have been receiving acupuncture for some years.
Recently, I have undertaken a course of cosmetic acupuncture (FRAs)
Although I felt sceptical initially, doubting I would feel much benefit, how wrong I have been proved! There has been a noticable difference from the first treatment. Even my friends and colleagues, without any awareness  I'd undertaken a course of FRAs, commented on how I looked fresher and more glowing! My eyes took on an added sparkle!
Besides the visual improvements, I felt much more relaxed and energised.
Although treatment addressed my outward appearance, it addressed my inner wellbeing at the same time.

Over the years you have treated me for various ailments such as shoulder pain,  backache,  digestive complaints and urine infections due to kidney stones.

I would strongly recommend this treatment to anyone, the overall benefits are well worth it!
If anyone would like to talk to me about my experience of acupuncture treatments, I am happy to oblige!


I am 80 years old and have been suffering from back and shoulder pain for over 30 years now. I have been taking painkillers, using various ointments, and have tried physiotherapy, but frankly I haven't felt that much relief. My daughter suggested I try acupuncture and arranged an appointment for me to see Jill. I didn't know what to expect, but was willing to try it. To be honest, I think I expected the treatment to be painful, but it wasn't at all! Infact it was rather pleasant, with tingling sensations spreading across my back and shoulders. When Jill did some Bi~Aura healing, it felt as if a lot of tension was being pulled out of my shoulders, and I felt to be floating! I found the whole experience very pleasant and relaxing, if a little strange!

With each treatment I felt an improvement. After a course of treatments I felt significantly better. The sharp pain was gone (just the odd twinge) and I was able to move more freely. I didn't feel quite as stiff. My daughter noticed an improvement in me, too. Besides experiencing pain relief, I found I felt generally more relaxed, and would sleep better after a treatment.

I come back once every four to eight weeks for a “top up” and that helps to keep me going! I would certainly recommend acupuncture to others. I have always found Jill to be friendly, respectful and thorough. I enjoy the peaceful, ambient setting of her clinic, too. L.E.


I had been suffering from migraines for over 20 years. To say it was ruining my life would be an understatement, and so I started with acupuncture. In the past I hadn't been as fully aware of the connection between diet and migraine, and on Jill's advice I had a food sensitivity test done. I tested sensitive to a number of things and was supported in making dietary changes. It's hard work changing the habits of a lifetime, but I was desperate to get better. With weekly acupuncture and a new, improved diet I did find myself getting better!. I also noticed improvements in my digestion, weight, sleep, energy levels, and my head didn't feel as muzzy. It just feels great to have my life back! Obviously this is a work in progress, and for me to stay well means being careful with my diet. I also like to go back to Jill once in a while for my “fix”! Thank you. A.T.


Dear Jill, I need to say thank you so much... I was in a real state when I first contacted you... Pressures of dealing with my husband who has vascular dementia, a house move, and all the stresses and strains that go with that task ~ and for some reason I was looking for worries! After the first acupuncture (and Bi~Aura) session I felt better, and after four treatments I felt to be my normal coping self again. Can't thank you enough! Regards, T.B.


I have received treatments from other acupuncturists in the past, but Jill has been the best by far. She is a natural healer and uses her kind, intuitive nature and skills to provide lasting relief and support. L.R.